mi Fisio Ibiza was started in August 2014 by Albert Carbonell Mayol, who

qualified in Physiotherapy at the University of the Balearic Islands.


For over 6 years he practised with the Policlinica Group, where he was

continually encouraged by so many of his patients to follow his dream and

establish his own clinic, here on the island.


The aim of mi Fisio Ibiza is to be the key facility for all inhabitants of the

White Isle, where unlike other treatment centres, they will enjoy an

individually tailored service, not based on the use of appliances, but

specialist Physiotherapy.


At mi Fisio Ibiza, we focus on Manual Therapy and all of our team put their

knowledge and experience into offering every patient a quality service.

Whether you have an occasional musculoskeletal problem, or if you have

been suffering pain for months, or even simply wish to have a massage .....


Then mi Fisio Ibiza wants to help you and be your physiotherapy centre.



C/Menorca nº8